Thursday 4-19-07
     Revised Board Meeting/Business Meeting to start at 4:00 pm.
        * 4:00 Jonathan Gibson to provide in-service on simple maintenance of website
        * 4:30 Board Meeting (Preliminary Survey results presentation, VP vacancy, future conference dates, OAO website)
        * 5:00 Social Time 
        * 5:15/5:30  CNA Guest Speaker  (15-20 minutes)
        * 5:45 Dinner served
        * 6:30 Dr. Hofeldt - Guest Speaker   (1 hour)
Gibson Graphics will provide the following:
        * Name Tags
        * Sponsorship signs (if not provided by sponsors)
        * Handouts; Agenda's, CV's, Calendars
AV Equipment:
     Jessica can provide projector, Kathy also has projector available to use
     Melony has provided preliminary counts & food selections w/Hotel Delux
    Melony has taken care of gifts for: Lisa Peterson, Dr. Hofeldt, Dr. Waldman, Lori Webber, Debra Buchanan, Juerg Kunz
     FAX orthopedic coding questions/examples to Jeannette at 541-884-0848
     Jeannette will work w/Jessica in preparing handouts and PowerPoint presentations that have been provided by speakers
     Genzyme,  Open Advanced MRI (Friday breakfast), Bridgeport MRI (Friday afternoon break), Stryker (no commitment yet)

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