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Good Customer Service in a medical practice establishes confidence in the effectiveness of care and well-being of your customers as well as maintaining their business.  Customer service starts with the processes and procedures of scheduling the first appointment to scheduling a next visit and beyond as your customers tell others about their experience with you. 

We all talk about good customer service, and we have a variety of stories to tell about our good and bad experiences. From Collins English Dictionary’s website: “A person who has experienced poor customer service will most likely share their bad experience with an average of ten other people and cost your business money”. 

What are your customers saying about you?

Maintain and acquire customers with customer-friendly policies and a well-trained staff using an established customer service strategy and action plan for your practice. HR Annie Consulting will help you realize customer service success.

What you will learn – Everyone of HR Annie Consulting’s staff has “grown up” in various customer service oriented businesses. We bring our training and experiences to your group in interesting and fun ways. You will learn-

  • How to shift the office mindset from “patient” to “customer”
  • Who are your customers; the customer receiving treatment, their families, other treating professionals; vendors
  • What customer service means from first to last contact and beyond with Ideas of what policies and procedures can be implemented in your practice to support good Customer Service
  • How to ensure your customer service is HIPAA compliant and other healthcare regulations

What you will take away –

  • How to recognize a Winning Moment
  • The 10-foot Recognition Rule
  • Techniques for greeting to following up
  • Active listening techniques
  • Effective use of non-verbal customer service; body language and tonality
  • An Employee created Customer Code of Conduct

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