Professional Development for Everyone on the Team

Communication is simply the act of transferring information from one place to another. The goal of communication is understanding. The methods of communication are vocal, writing, visual and/or  non-verbal.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Then why is consistent, effective communication not happening?

There are some primary reasons a company needs to train or refresh on communication at work. Perhaps there are employees who great workers, but lack interpersonal skills or maybe the company is going through a lot of change; people leaving or joining the company, new management or new ownership.  Whatever the reasons, it takes concentrated effort to learn how to approach others in a productive and professional manner to effectively transfer information. HR Annie Consulting provides some basic elements of good communication practices for your team. 

What You Will Learn -

  • Importance of Communication
  • Principles of Communication
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Communication Styles
  • Problem Solving Styles

You will take away -

  • Tuckman’s forming storming norming and performing model
  • Hersey and Blanchard’s situational leadership® model
  • Free Communication Assessment with recommendations for developing the skills you need from
  • Your communication Style Preference
  • Your Problem Solving Style Preference
  • The Teams Communication Preferences

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