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OAOE Fall Administrator Conference

Friday, November 8, 2019

Hotel deLuxe | Downtown Portland

Leadership Resilience – Bending Without Breaking | DEBRA WIGGS

Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape. How do you stay resilient as a leader in the ongoing age of healthcare transformation and uncertainty?

Resilience is a characteristic of transformational leadership. What is the difference between a transactional and a transformation leader? Who are you? This session will look at the way leaders can hone their own resilience and impart those skills to those they lead. Discussions will center around understanding way to respond instead of reacting to circumstances; how modeling the behavior you expect works practically and deliver a message way that someone else can hear it.


  • Identify the value of flexibility and how emotional intelligence, critical thinking and person awareness combine to build resilience in a leader
  • Identify resources that build skills that promote resilience
  • Discuss way to promote resilience development in your organization
  • Transformation Superpowers: Keys to creating a culture of critical thinking

    About Debra Wiggs, FACMP – Founder: Deb has been transforming medical care delivery since her career began. She’s established rural health clinics, grown multi-specialty physician practice and facilitated countless strategy sessions that have helped clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Deb’s great love is to pass this knowledge along via public speaking with humor, practical reality and a commitment to provide resources that transform how care is delivered. As a past board chair of MGMA, she understands that complexity of the healthcare system and knows how to work in it without making it more complicated. Her strengths lie in strategic planning, governance and leadership coaching.


    Supply Chain – Finding the Missing Links


    Supply costs are a significant percentage of a practice’s overhead expense.  How do you know, how do you monitor your vendors performance, how do you look for hidden opportunities for savings, how do you plan for change in products or processes, what are the best was to plan for capital expenditures?  This workshop will outline some of the ways to answer those questions. At the end of this workshop you will be able to identify ways to evaluate all vendor contracts, provide a process to implement new products and understand the components of capital procurement. 

    Physician Compensation Models


    Jones & Roth will once again join us in the afternoon. Physician compensation models can be messy and complicated. Elliot Tracy will break down the process into simple ways regardless of how complicated your office structure is.

    NFP: Formerly known as Mattecheck and Associates, NFP will be here to guide you down the world of health benefits. They will share with us trends, tips and what to look for when working with your insurance broker and show you what pitfalls to avoid.


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